This week we received the new platform scale designed by GRAM, the latest release from the Barcelona-based manufacturer. Here you can see how it looks:




The pieces came in a sturdy cardboard box with foam packaging, just from the packaging we got the impression that we were opening up a well designed, quality product.


The gear comes with the column already installed and with a quick guide which explains how to get it started and its most common functions. We spotted an interesting detail: the indicator is directly connected to the platform by a thick cable, eliminating a possible source of problems, the cable connecting the display to the platform.


The piece appears to be very well finished, with an indicator screen with elegant raised design and bright display, sturdy stainless steel plate and robust painted steel structure. It gives the impression of being a heavy duty piece of equipment that will hold up to intensive use.


The new GRAM platforms are available in five sizes to best suit your requirements.


The platform can be combined with several accessories and interesting options, for example printers that can print customisable tickets with the weighing data.


Nevertheless, the accessory that most caught our attention was the USB Direct cable. With this cable we can send weighing data directly to our PC, as simply as connecting the cable and once the load is weighed, the value appears directly where we place our mouse, in any program, whether it be Excel, Word or other company software. It dispenses with the typical PC port configuration problems.


We can definitely tell that the ZMissil is a product designed in Europe and designed for the European market, its materials are of high quality and it has been meticulously designed. And most surprisingly, the price is on par with imported Chinese products of much lower quality. 


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