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Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Model Price Oferta Resolution Capacity Dimensions Qty Add
K3i-X0-6 Sin IVA: € 438.00 Con IVA: € 521.22 1 g 6 kg 300x240 mm (X0)
K3i-X0-15 Sin IVA: € 438.00 Con IVA: € 521.22 2 g 15 kg 300x240 mm (X0)
K3i-X0-30 Sin IVA: € 438.00 Con IVA: € 521.22 5 g 30 kg 300x240 mm (X0)
K3i-X1-15 Sin IVA: € 515.00 Con IVA: € 612.85 2 g 15 kg 400x300 mm (X1)
K3i-X1-30 Sin IVA: € 515.00 Con IVA: € 612.85 5 g 30 kg 400x300 mm (X1)
K3i-X1-60 Sin IVA: € 515.00 Con IVA: € 612.85 10 g 60 kg 400x300 mm (X1)
K3i-X1-150 Sin IVA: € 515.00 Con IVA: € 612.85 20 g 150 kg 400x300 mm (X1)
K3i-X2-30 Sin IVA: € 638.00 Con IVA: € 759.22 5 g 30 kg 500x400 mm (X2)
K3i-X2-60 Sin IVA: € 638.00 Con IVA: € 759.22 10 g 60 kg 500x400 mm (X2)
K3i-X2-150 Sin IVA: € 638.00 Con IVA: € 759.22 20 g 150 kg 500x400 mm (X2)
K3i-X3-150 Sin IVA: € 838.00 Con IVA: € 997.22 20 g 150 kg 650x500 mm (X3)
K3i-X3-300 Sin IVA: € 838.00 Con IVA: € 997.22 50 g 300 kg 650x500 mm (X3)
K3i-X4-150 Sin IVA: € 1088.00 Con IVA: € 1294.72 20 g 150 kg 800x600 mm (X4)
K3i-X4-300 Sin IVA: € 1088.00 Con IVA: € 1294.72 50 g 300 kg 800x600 mm (X4)
K3i-X4-600 Sin IVA: € 1088.00 Con IVA: € 1294.72 100 g 600 kg 800x600 mm (X4)
(Von: 521.22 inkl. MwSt.)  
  • Platform scale entirely build in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion.
  • Designed for intensive use and protected against liquids and dust, its load sensor is built in a tight capsule. 
  • The entire surface is flat with smooth edges, making cleaning easier.
  • Multi positional weight display: can be fixed to a wall, on a table or to a column accessory (not included).
  • Column accessories available in three lengths and two types:
    • Round column entirely made in stainless steel:
      • RXS: 530 mm height
      • RXM: 730 mm height
      • RXL: 930 mm height
    • Rectangular column entirely made in stainless steel:
      • QXS: 540 mm height
      • QXM: 740 mm height
      • QXL: 940 mm height
  • Set of four wheels available as accessory allow the platform to be moved easily. Two wheels equipped with a brake to fix the scale.
  • Recheargeable battery included with a duration of 30 hours. AC power adapter included.
  • Check and sort products by weight using colours, ideal for reception of goods, production lines or packaging lines: you can configure the indicator to show the weight in green when within the required weight limits or red when it is out of those limits. See video.
  • Prints tickets with customisable header and footer, sum of weights, date, time and ticket number with any of our printer accessories:
    • PR4: Compact thermal printer:
      • Print speed of 130mm / second.
      • 58mm ticket width.
      • 83mm roll capacity.
      • Connects via RS-232C cable (included).
      • See video.
    • PR4-W: Wireless version of PR4
    • Q2: Ticket and Label Thermal Printer. It can print out weighing results on a ticket or a label.
      • Simplified paper loading.
      • Print speed: 76 mm/s.
      • Detects the start of the label.
      • Front outlet chute, protected from liquids.
      • Ticket/Label width: 56 mm.
      • Ticket/Label length: 400 mm.
      • Maximum capacity: 90 mm in diameter.
      • Interchangeable, screw-free print head.
      • Connection via RS-232C cable (included).
      • See Video.
      • Download Catalogue.
  • Input for bar code scanner. Designed to work with a ticket printer: you can scan the product identification number, weigh the product and print the ticket, so the weight is associated with each registered reference.
  • Flash memory: Keep the last weight displayed.
  • Security: Lockable keyboard to stop modification of functions.
  • Two speed dosing function. See video. If you have additional dosing requirements, please get in touch with us.
  • Memory for 20 pre-loaded tare weights.
  • 4 levels of auto-hold function for weighing of large objects.
  • Piece counting function with memory for unit weights of 100 items.
  • Zero memory for weighing tanks and silos.
  • Automatic, normal or fixed tare.
  • Compatible with remote display accessory to display the weight in large digits. Wireless  (RD3-W) and cable versions (RD3). See catalogue.
  • ATEX Scales for use in explosion-proof areas are available. Please let us know your requirements and we will prepare you an offer.


Communication: We offer several possibilities to connect your scale to a computer (optional):

  • RS-232 connection cable: Bidirectional PC data exchange for weight, tare indication, piece count, date and time.
  • USB Direct connection cable: Send weighing data to your PC easily with the USB Direct optional accessory, without the need for any additional software. The cable emulates a keyboard to send weighing values directly to any PC application. Please be aware this option is limited to sending weighing values only. Recommended if you need to send weighing values to an Excel file.
  • Ethernet connection: With our RS232 to Ethernet converter, you can connect one or several scales to your network and retrieve weighing data from your server. Each scale will use an IP address to send data to your server, allowing you to collect all weighing data from all your scales into one place.

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MODEL Capacity (kg) Readability (g) Weight units Platform material Structure material Platform size (mm)
K3i-X0-6 6 1

g (kg), lb,


Stainless steel

Epoxy painted steel

300 x 240
K3i-X0-15 15 2
K3i-X0-30 30 5
K3i-X1-15 15 2 400 x 300
K3i-X1-30 30 5
K3i-X1-60 60 10
K3i-X1-150 150 20
K3i-X2-30 30 5 500 x 400
K3i-X2-60 60 10
K3i-X2-150 150 20
K3i-X3-150 150 20 650 x 500
K3i-X3-300 300 50
K3i-X4-150 150 20 800 x 600
K3i-X4-300 300 50
K3i-X4-600 600 100

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